Tuesday, 19 August 2014


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Monday, 20 January 2014

SKANS School of Accountancy

SKANS School of Accountancy is an accountancy academy located in different cities of Pakistan. It was started to offer accounting and financial study in Pakistan.

SKANS was established in early 1991 in Lahore and then spread all over the Pakistan, in almost 9 cities of Pakistan. It was started by Hassan Zaman Mirza (ICAEW), owner of HASZAM, An Accountancy Firm of Pakistan, and also a member of Pakistan Muslim League (N).

SKANS School of Accountancy intends to cater to the training and development necessities of the students and professionals in the field of Accountancy.

Courses which studied in SKANS are:
  • ACCA
  • CAT
  • CA
  • CIMA
  • FIA
  • CISA
  • CFA
  • CISM
  • Bachelor of Applied Accounting